Invest your Super where the world is going

Get exposure to companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla + more

Find & Combine

When you sign up, we can easily find your other super accounts. You can then transfer those accounts to Spaceship with one tap.

Important Note: While we intend to make it easy to sign up and combine your super, you should not make a financial decision based on these factors. If in future Spaceship Financial Services opens or promotes a financial product a product disclosure statement will be issued and you should read it before making any financial decisions. Transferring your accounts to Spaceship means that your request for a rollover is sent to your other fund, and your other super is usually transferred within 7 days.


Invest where the world is going, not where it's been

We believe technology will be the key source of business advantage in the coming decades.


Know exactly what you own

We believe in full transparency.
It’s your Super. Shouldn’t you know what it’s invested in?

What people are saying

Mike Cannon-Brookes

CEO & Co-Founder, Atlassian

Super excited about the launch of Spaceship. I'm boarding with my super on launch day.

Jane Lu

CEO & Co-Founder, SHOWPO

This is Super with style, investing in a future I believe in. Can't wait to join along with all the ponies!

Andrew Rothwell

VP Sales & Co-Founder, Tyro

Really support what Spaceship is doing in the Super space. Will be transferring my super when they launch!

Andre Eikmeier

CEO & Co-Founder, Vinomofo

It feels right to have my super invested in a space I'm more aligned with, with a team who understand it. Let's do this.