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No minimum investment
Choose a professionally-managed share portfolio
Choose a professionally-managed share portfolio
Set up an investment plan
Set up an investment plan

Growth portfolios

Invest in one, two or all three of our professionally-managed growth portfolios, each made up of the companies you know and use every day.

Invest in a portfolio of world-changing companies, strategically picked by our investment team, that meet our "Where the World is Going" criteria, including: Nvidia, Meta, Tesla, Apple, and Netflix.

Invest in a portfolio of companies that have or are expected to have a positive impact on people and the planet, including: Airbnb, Shopify, Atlassian, Bumble, and First Solar.

Invest in a rules-based portfolio of 200 of the largest global and Australian companies by market cap, with blue chip and established stocks such as Microsoft, CBA, Alphabet, Wisetech, and Amazon.

Low fees

We keep our fees low, so you can invest more of your money in your future.

Monthly fee


Management fee*


All fees and costs are inclusive of GST and net of reduced input tax credits. You can find more information on Spaceship Voyager fees and costs by reading the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and the Reference Guide.

Competitive performance

x.xx% pa

x.xx% pa

x.xx% pa

Returns are net of fees. These returns are not a projection. Actual returns may differ, and can be positive or negative. Past performance is not a guide to, or reliable indicator of, future performance. The Funded Date represents the date on which the fund was substantially invested in accordance with its investment strategy.

Add Boosts

Automatically boost your investment balance by making the most of everyday moments.

Create an investment goal

Create a long-term investment goal and track your progress while staying focused on the future.

Grow your investments

Grow your investments by adding one or more portfolios, and track all your balances, unit prices, and returns from the one account.

Making it easy to grow your wealth

When it comes to investing, a little can go a long way. Spaceship makes it easy to invest regularly, with as little as you like.

See the potential of long-term investing*

Based on an initial investment of $1,000, a return rate of 5% pa and a regular investment of $25 per week.


5 years


10 years


20 years

*Important information about this calculator, and the assumptions on which it is based: This calculator demonstrates the effect of compounding to illustrate how regularly investing small amounts can help you reach your financial goals over the medium to long term. It is not a prediction and your actual outcome when investing will be different, including that your investment returns could be negative. You should read the assumptions on which these calculations are based.

Deep dives

Get to know all the companies in your portfolio with our in-depth company profiles.


All investment products have an element of risk. Please consider the risks involved before you jump on board.
Market risk icon

Market risk

As share markets go up and down, so too can the value of your investment.
Concentration risk icon

Concentration risk

Assets concentrated in a single asset class or market can risk negative returns if the concentrated exposure underperforms.
Currency risk icon

Currency risk

Movements in exchange rates can impact the value of your investments.

For more information on risk, please refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and the Reference Guide.

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