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From the New York Stock Exchange to the Nasdaq — invest in US ETFs and stocks your way.

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Diversify your portfolio with hundreds of US ETFs and stocks to choose from.

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With as little as A$10

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Check out our ETF Spotlight, see what's popular, or dive in by picking the investments you already know, use and love — all in one place.

Explore hundreds of ETFs to help you invest in 'bundles' of assets and themes with a single investment choice.

Invest in hundreds of the largest companies in the US — whether you think differently with Apple, just do it with Nike, or tap into the future of driving with Tesla.

One monthly fee, unlimited trades

Get more for your money with a single monthly fee for unlimited trades.



Foreign exchange fee

Fees and costs are inclusive of GST (where applicable). Other fees and costs may apply, including third-party fees. You can find more information on US Investing fees and costs by reading the US Investing Fee Schedule.

Uncover hidden gems

Invest in what you know — or use our seamless search features to discover ETFs and stocks not yet on your radar.

Set up investment plans

Choose how much and how often to invest — and we'll do the rest, helping you to steadily grow your wealth over time.


All investments have an element of risk. Please consider the risks involved before you jump on board.

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Market risk

As share markets go up and down, so too can the value of your investment.

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Tax risk

Investing in international securities may have complex tax implications, different to investing in Australia.

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Currency risk

Movements in exchange rates can impact the value of your investments.

For more information on risk, please refer to the US Investing Terms and Conditions.

Important documents

Please read the following documents before signing up for our US Investing service: