Spaceship Super customer information: Sargon Capital

11 February 2020

Spaceship has been in regular contact with Tidswell Financial Services Ltd (Tidswell), the Trustee of Spaceship Super, in relation to recent news on the appointment of receivers and managers to Sargon Capital Ltd (Tidswell’s ultimate holding company) and subsequent voluntary administration of several other Sargon holding companies, in order to understand any potential implications for our members.

Tidswell itself is not subject to voluntary administration, receivership, or any other form of insolvency proceeding. Tidswell generates positive cash flow and operations are therefore self-funding, and does not require capital support from Sargon or other associated companies.

Spaceship Super’s assets held on behalf of members are not at risk by way of the appointment and are protected by regulatory, legal and other safeguards.

Tidswell continues to satisfy its AFS and RSE license obligations. We are assured that Tidswell remains focused on its job, delivering for Spaceship Super customers, while meeting its statutory and fiduciary obligations.

For further information, please see Sargon’s statement here.


Spaceship Voyager does not rely on Sargon for the provision of services.

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