Spaceship launches sustainable fund

18 November 2020

Spaceship launches sustainable fund 

AUSTRALIA’S popular investment app, Spaceship, now has a sustainable option.

From today, Australians can invest in Spaceship Voyager’s new managed fund – the Spaceship Earth Portfolio — which seeks to have a positive impact on people and the planet.

 The portfolio is a low-cost sustainable fund – it is fee-free for balances less than $5,000 and will cost 0.10% per year over that.   

Stocks are deemed sustainable and eligible for inclusion if they:

  1. Advance one or more goals in the UN Sustainable Development Goals agenda.
  2. Align with Spaceship’s Where the World is Going investment philosophy.
  3. Are not involved in tobacco, alcohol, weapons, animal cruelty, human rights abuse, nuclear power, gambling or fossil fuels (negatively screened for these activities).

The fund will open with 38 international and domestic stocks across industries such as IT, industrials, consumer discretionary and healthcare, including First Solar, Xero, Nvidia, Atlassian and Square. A full breakdown of stocks will be available on the Spaceship app and at

Global research highlights most millennials prioritise ESG when considering investments. 

Spaceship CEO Andrew Moore said younger Australians had a particular interest in sustainable investments.

“Australians want to put their money where their mouth is. Customers have told us sustainability is one of their top investing considerations,” he said.

More than 100,000 Australians on Spaceship investment journey

Spaceship’s third Spaceship Voyager fund follows Australia’s widespread appeal for the investment app, launched in May 2018.

In little more than three years, 100,000 Australians have begun investing with Spaceship.

Spaceship CEO Andrew Moore said the low-cost and ease of Spaceship Voyager meant that for many customers, it was their first time investing.

“Younger Australians have traditionally been disconnected from investing in domestic and global equities because of high fees, investment minimums, complicated processes and jargon-heavy products,” he said.

Spaceship is backed by some of the country’s most astute investors including Mike and Annie Cannon-Brookes' Grok Ventures and AirTree Ventures, and has received more than $50 million in funding since inception.

Spaceship launched its first product in 2017 and has built an online investment and superannuation platform for younger Australians, a cohort traditionally disengaged with building long-term wealth through equities.

Spaceship has recently formed a working group to develop a roadmap for how the company will support its forward-thinking values and drive towards its sustainability goals by 2025.

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