Spaceship wins WeMoney 2022 Best for Mobile Experience Award

20 January 2023

We’re very excited to share that Spaceship Super recently won the 2022 Best for Mobile Experience award at the inaugural WeMoney Superannuation Awards.

This is given to the super fund that demonstrates the greatest degree of functionality, which we credit to all the new features we’ve introduced to our app. See WeMoney’s website for more information on the award.

“At Spaceship, we're on a mission to transform the way young people think about and invest their money,” says CEO Andrew Moore, “and Spaceship Super is one of the key ways in which we’re doing that.”

“Super is one of the key tools Australians have to wield when it comes to their personal finances, but many of us don’t understand how much of an impact it can have when it comes to building wealth.”

“We want to show young people the full potential of their super and the many ways in which they can tap into that.”

In the last year, Spaceship Super has been front and centre in our mobile and web app experience.

We’ve developed a First Home Super Saver (FHSS) feature that makes it easier than ever for members to access the scheme. The feature enables eligible members to set up their savings goal, track any voluntary contributions they’ve made, and when the time comes, withdraw their savings with ease.

The feature is also a go-to hub for questions relating to the FHSS, making it easy for our members to understand how to best utilise this scheme.

“It’s a tough time for young people to get into the housing market,” says Moore, “so we’re proud to make it easier for young people to save for their first home through Spaceship Super.”

We’ve also undergone a design refresh of the app, to make it easier to navigate and for users to differentiate between Spaceship Super and our Spaceship Voyager managed funds.

“We already knew Spaceship Super was a winner, and this award is testament to all the hard work that has gone into putting super top-of-mind for our members.”

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