Information on Approved Securities and minimum/maximum value limits

July 08 2024

Approved Securities

The Spaceship US Investing Service only supports Approved Securities, which is a subset of publicly listed US Securities and may be amended from time to time.

We have selected Approved Securities primarily based on market capitalisation, with the largest 1,000 stocks, as well as ETFs larger than US$100m generally made available through the Spaceship US Investing Service. Additional exclusions apply in order to reduce operational complexity and risk. For stocks, we generally have not included American Depository Receipts, Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies or Publicly Traded Partnerships. For ETFs, we generally have not included those that are considered inverse (short sell) or leveraged.

The selection of Approved Securities should not be interpreted as an endorsement or investment recommendation by Spaceship.

Please read the Spaceship US Investing Service Terms and Conditions for more information.

Minimum/maximum value limits

Buy orders

There's a minimum trade size of A$10.

There's a maximum trade size of A$20,000.

You also can't have more than A$30,000 in total unsettled buy orders at any one time.

Sell orders

The minimum sale value is A$5. However, there's no minimum sale value if you're selling your total holdings.

Investing limits include FX and any other fees as outlined in the US Investing Fee Schedule.

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