The study of scarcity and incentives.

Feature image for Price vs value: what are you actually paying for?

Price is what we pay for in cash but how do we measure value?

Jessica Sier

3 min read

Feature image for Recession: what is it and what does it mean?

A closer look at what happens during a recession.

Nicole Webb

2 min read

Feature image for You're irrational. Predictably irrational.

Heuristics, framing and market inefficiencies are just some of the things driving our economic behaviour.

Feature image for A primer on business cycles.

As the economy expands and contracts, we can see patterns emerge over time and those fluctuations are measured in "business cycles".

Feature image for What is utility?

Utility measures the usefulness of a thing and helps economists anticipate human behaviour.

Feature image for What is elasticity?

Elasticity is all about measuring how a change in price affects demand and supply.

Feature image for What is economics?

How do we efficiently distribute our scarce resources to the most number of people?

Feature image for Introducing economics.

The economy is built on the back of billions of tiny decisions, guided by incentives. Incentives that link together personal finance, business and trade.

Feature image for A tight Chinese grip.

How Chinese authorities control economics and finance.

Jessica Sier

3 min read

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