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Feature image for 26 investing quotes

Investing insights and perspectives from some of the most famous and successful investors throughout history.

Kelly Simpson

9 min read

Feature image for Is a Chanel bag actually a good investment?

A deep dive into what makes luxury brands so damn expensive.

Feature image for 25 smart money quotes

Financial wisdom from various thought leaders, game changers and entrepreneurs.

Bryna Howes

6 min read

Feature image for Going for it: Making ‘You’ your career

What should you do when you want to do… everything?

Kelly Simpson

6 min read

Feature image for Playlist: Songs we’re celebrating Pride to

The songs that make our staff, customers, friends and family dance. 🕺


2 min read

Feature image for Going for it: When Sparkles fly

How investing in your creativity can inspire a movement.

Kelly Simpson

8 min read

Feature image for Happy Pride 2023!

Outside the Spaceship office in Sydney, NSW, the streets have been painted with rainbows.


1 min read

Feature image for 3 things dating and investing have in common

How is the pursuit of money like the pursuit of love?

Feature image for 10 (good) books to help you be smart with money

Some of our top picks for learning how to manage your money.


7 min read

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